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About Tyler

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Tyler Jacob Stouffer is an Ohio native who has been performing on stage since age 6. Since he started, Tyler has performed in over 100 stage performances and is not finished yet! Along with his passion for theatre, Tyler is also a big Disney fan! He loves going to Disneyland and watching old and new Disney films. His top 5 favorites? (in no particular order) Big Hero 6, Toy Story 3, The Lion King, Brother Bear, and Aladdin. Tyler's inspiration to become an actor came from his idol, Robin Williams. Tyler aspires to have the versatility and pure talent that Mr. Williams had. In his free time, Tyler also loves playing the piano, writing songs and scripts, and playing board games. Tyler also has an interest and a passion for puppetry and he looks for every opportunity to play and learn. Tyler's dream is to one day make it to the Great White Way, but until that day comes, he will be happy if he gets to perform in any medium and make people smile. Tyler is a proud alumnus of AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts Los Angeles Campus, where he received a BFA in Performing Arts with a specialization in Musical Theatre. Tyler thanks his family and friends near and far every day for their love and support that got him this far. 

"When your Heart is in your Dream, no request is too Extreme."

-Jiminy Cricket (Disney's Pinocchio)

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